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Pathfinders: Fahrenheit 451






Ray Bradbury (1920) Modern American Literature  Vol. 1. 5th ed.  Detroit: St. James Press, 1999. p139-142. Word Count: 3461.

 Fahrenheit 451: The Temperature at Which Books Burn. Literature and its Times. Joyce Moss and George Wilson. Vol. 5: Civil Rights Movements to Future Times (1960-2000) Detroit: Gale, 1997. p95-100. Word Count: 3957.

Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Rafeeq O. McGiveron. Discovering Authors Detroit: Gale, 2003.  Word Count: 1419.

Search these ebook sets with "Bradbury and 451"

Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of American Literature. Vol. 1. Detroit: Gale, 2009. p181-185.

Concise Major 21st Century Writers. Ed. Tracey L. Matthews. Vol. 1. Detroit: Gale, 2006. p456-466.

Pathfinders: Fahrenheit 451 Literature Project

This project will be worth 135 points and will be “weighed” as a test grade.  Please examine the rubrics for all options before making a choice.  In addition to specific criteria listed in the rubric, each project requires the following: 

  • Guided internet research
  • An MLA works cited page which includes at least two acceptable internet sources
  • A completed research worksheet

I.    Write a script that involves an interview with Ray Bradbury.  Use all handouts and notes to help you.  Memorization is required, as is “characterization.” Present the interview or film it for the class; 10 minutes maximum.

II. Dramatize a scene between two characters; write a script using dialogue from the novel.  Design your own production values; present to the class or tape for viewing.  Ten minutes max.


III. Design your own artwork (painting, sculpture, poster, etc.) which focuses on the symbolism and imagery of the novel.

IV. Research book banning in the U.S.  Create a handout for the class; present an oral report on your findings.  Relate findings to the novel.

V. Write a poem or song which emphasizes the theme of the novel; read or present to the class.

VI. Create a diary or journal written by a person of the future; books have just disappeared.  What is her life like?

*All projects must include the novel’s theme, a motif, examples of imagery (simile, metaphor, personification), and symbolism.


Resource 1: Literary Criticism Gale Student Resources in Context. You are wise to read several literary criticism articles on this important novel to see it more deeply than simply an engaging story. Seeing the work through the eyes of literary expert can guide you to the project that's right for you. Search with: bradbury's fahrenheit 451

Resource 2: EBSCO host Advanced search in Academic Search Premier, Communication & Mass Media Complete, Humanities International Index, MasterFILE Premier, Newspaper Source.

Resource 3: EBSCO Images for Bradbury photos and photos related to novel or film production of novel or film production of the novel

Resource 4: Check out the Gale Literature Resources Center under NCEMC Databases. Choose advanced search and then search by title.

Resource 5: The Art Collection in INFOhio databases for ideas.

Resource 6: Literature On line from Chadwyk-Healey for  ideas.


I. Script of an Interview?

EBSCO host Advanced search with "interview" selected. Visit The Quotable Bradbury to prepare to write an interview from scratch.  Check out the Gale Literature Resource Center under Gale Databases for video clips of how to dress as Bradbury under other sources or visit


II. Dramatize a Scene?

Read literary criticism in the form of Critical Essays in Gale Student Resources in Context.  for a particularly rich scene that represents microcosmically a major theme. You might be interested in Play reviews/ Production reviews in EBSCO.

Discussion with Ray Bradbury 11min

III. Art?

The Art Collection search on your symbol of choice with your medium of choice. The Art Collection offers world-class photos that make a good starting point for a painting or sculpture.

Images are also available from EBSCO images.


IV. Banned Books Report?

The National Archive has great B&W pix of Nazi book burnings and more recent ones in color. Go to the ALA Intellectual Freedom site for lots on banned books. Search EBSCO and Gale Student Resources in Context under "Banned Books."

ALA Frequently Challenged  Books

V. Poem or Song?

For poetry ideas you can read professional poets works. Search by title such as "fire" in Literature On line from Chadwyk-Healey for ideas on style and presentation of poetry or lyrics.


VI. Diary or Journal?

Is a world without printed books becoming a reality today? Read articles about bookless libraries in EBSO. Read about Cushing Academy and these articles about the Cushing Academy Library. Ebooks are downloadable from Cuyahoga County Public library. (Obtain a card and PIN from Hudson or the branch nearest you.) Elms Ebooks are found within Gale Virtual Reference Library and when searching the Elms HS library online catalog. Google Books has hundreds of thousands of ebooks. Our World Book Online resource has 40,000 literary classic ebooks. For examples of the diary or journal as a form of literature, search for diary or journal in Gale Student Resources in Context.




Guided Internet Research:

The Wikipedia article is quite helpful. and will offer surprisingly scholarly sources without errors. Also useful is Random House's Teacher Site on this book.

For learning the meanings of the assignment's literary  terms such as: motif, symbolism, and examples of imagery such as simile, metaphor, personification, look them up in Oxford Reference Online.


The OWL at Purdue for help with MLA Citation


Oregon Schools MS/HS MLA Citation Worksheet (rtf)


Digital Image Sample from The Art Collection


Memories by Norman Rockwell, 1924 from The Art Collection

Photographic Sample from EBSCO Images

Visual Searching in EBSCO


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